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The clock: an ancient human invention that has provided the gift of time for many centuries. Throughout the years, clocks have gone through many transformations. Today, clocks are used not only as a convenient and easy way of knowing the time necessary for a variety of daily tasks, but they are also used as a versatile piece of home décor that is both functional as well as stylish.

There are many different styles and sizes of clocks. Depending upon your home’s or office’s décor, your unique style and purpose for the clock will decide upon the right type of clock for you. The right clock will complete a room and its look in way that no other décor can, and is useful at the same time. When purchasing a clock you want to make sure that it is not only going to look good, but that it also keeps the proper time and is made to last. The last thing you want is to have to spend more money in the long run to replace cheap clocks that break quickly.

The anniversary and kids’ clocks can be personalized for that special person or occasion. Need a functional wall clock, or a classy mantle clock to create that special look? Personalize a kid’s clock for that special youngster in your life. Does your entrance need a beautiful, impressive grandfather clock? There are many clocks that you will really enjoy—choose from our wide variety—in style, cost, size and decor. Is your club, company or other organization in need of a clock that can be inscribed to mark or honor an achievement? Try an anniversary or event style that can be tailored to your wishes.

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mantel clocks

Mantel clocks are usually-small house clocks placed upon the shelf (mantel) above the fireplace. First developed in France in 1750s, this version of the clock has become a must-feature in many modern and old-fashioned homes alike. Just like other clocks, you have wind-up mantel clocks and battery-operated mantel clocks.


Sometimes they have bells or gongs to indicate the hour or half-hour. There are lots of mantel clocks that chime on the hour. Clocks may play chimes at every hour, every half hour or some even at quarter hours. Some mantel clocks have automatic shut-off switches, so you don’t have to wake up at night by a disruptive chime. Mantel clocks, more often than not, have Roman numerals to illustrate time. However, there are still mantel clocks with Arabic numerals. Some cases are decorative, some cases are plain.

Most of the time mantel clocks are made of materials such as precious metals, stone, wood (oak and cherry are common), and porcelain. Different materials fit different styles of home, due to texture and colour. Very rarely you will be able to spot clocks made out of other materials, for example: glass mantel clocks. You can often find traditional antique mantel clocks made of wood in homes, but more recently contemporary mantel clocks have been finding their way into many modern homes.


Mantel clocks are on the more expensive side of the spectrum, but that’s for a reason: a well-placed mantel clock can complete a home’s decor easily. For more frugal and efficient people, there are inexpensive mantel clocks but those will obviously be made out of subpar materials or lack all the traditional features and charm of mantel clocks. As with any brand, companies price their products differently. For example, Howard Miller mantel clocks go anywhere from $50 to $500.


pendulum wall clocks

Wall clocks aren’t just accessories, they’re necessities. Just like how people have paintings, pictures or prints on walls, wall clocks are also necessary for good décor in one’s home. For this reason we’ve compiled a list of the best pendulum wall clocks that anyone can relate to. A misconception is that pendulums always make a tick-tock noise, which is just untrue. We’ve included a variety of clocks, some chime, some don’t, some tick-tock and others don’t. Go to any home older than 20 years and you’re sure to find a pendulum wall clock. The hard truth is that if you own a home that hasn’t been completely renovated in the last 20 years then you need one of these.

Pendulum clocks are clocks utilizing the pendulum function, as an extra part of its element for timekeeping. From the 1600s to 1930 pendulum clocks were considered to be the most accurate form of keeping time (and probably the reason why it was the most popular form of clock then). Unfortunately, pendulum wall clocks must not be moved in order to have accurate operation. Pendulum clocks are primarily the reason for the widespread use of clocks worldwide.


Most pendulum clocks today use wood as their primary material. This makes for a light finish and antique look, which definitely complements a lot of home styles. Pendulum wall clocks are usually considered classy and stylish to have in a home (they’re not for kids, for example). You will generally never see a plastic pendulum wall clock. Some clocks have a striking train (a strike on a bell or gong every hour). Some clocks have chiming elements to them too. There are chiming wall clocks with calendar dials, which have day, date, and month showing functions. Others have moon phase dials to show the phase of the moon cycle.


chiming clocks

Chiming clocks come in all shapes and forms. There’s no real description for chime clocks as you can have chiming mantel clocks, chiming wall clocks, and chime clocks of all different varieties. The only feature a chiming clock needs to have, to fit into this category… you guessed it, it’s chiming. If a clock chimes on the hour, it’s called a chiming clock. These have the potential to add a sound flavour to a home. We love chiming clocks. Chime clocks have the potential to make or break a home. Best work in antique fashions, but chiming clocks can work for any household environment. Check out our review on top Westminster chiming clocks.


Chimes come in many forms. Battery-operated clocks typically have lower-quality chimes than wind-up clocks that chime. The most common chimes are Westminster-Whittington chimes.