The Doomsday Clock: What Is It?

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists recently updated the Doomsday Clock to two and half minutes closer to midnight. Part of the board’s official statement reads: “The probability of global catastrophe is very high, and the actions needed to reduce the risks of disaster must be taken very soon.” But what is the Doomsday clock and […]

Seiko: Moving Through Time

Horology has seen countless innovations but none as distinct as Seiko’s. The revered Japanese brand is arguably the most popular in the industry. From developing the first consumer quartz watch to revolutionizing all things time-telling, Seiko has come a long way for its humble beginnings. A Simple Man with Big Dreams Kintarō Hattori was born […]

cheap mantel clocks

Cheap Mantel Clocks: Only cost-effective examples

Are you looking for cheap mantel clocks? If you are, here we have short reviews of our greatest selections, which might help you find the right mantel clock. We’ve included the clock’s description, features, ratings and what the clocks buyers say about them. Keep in mind that the price of all of the clocks reviewed […]