Bulova Mantel Clocks, Best Antique and Contemporary

Bulova is a staple in the industry since its birth in 1875. It’s one of the most revered brands to ever offer luxurious designs at an affordable price. In this article we’ll be covering Bulova mantel clocks.

Like all their clock collections, Bulova mantel clocks are breathtaking without breaking the bank. Whether you prefer a historic-looking or a modern piece, leave it to the brand to produce only quality clocks.

Best Bulova Mantel Clocks

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ProductBulova B1975 Chadbourne World ClockBulova B1845 Durant Old World ClockBulova B1881 Holyoke ClockBulova B1843 Bramley ClockBulova B1987 Bardwell ClockBulova B1929 Annette II ClockBulova B1848 Nordale ClockBulova Asheville Mantel ClockBulova Dalton Chiming Pendulum Table ClockBulova Willow Mantel Chime Clock
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Here are the top 10 Bulova Mantel Clocks

Bulova B1975 Chadbourne Old World Clock

bulova mantel clock

The Bulova Chadbourne clock is one of the most popular Bulova mantel clocks. Its old world look is eye-catching and can be a talking piece the moment your guests see it. It’s highly functional as well.

Size: This clock occupies just enough space on your surface at about 12 inches wide and 8 inches tall. You can still tell the time from a good distance, which is a big plus.

Chime: The Chadbourne clock by Bulova plays 2 triple-chime movements of either Westminster, Ave Maria or Bim-Bam melody. It chimes every 15 minutes and on the hour. What’s great is the chimes sound like an authentic antique clock. Furthermore, its chime isn’t disruptive or startling. In fact, it’s quite soothing.

Movement: It needs one C battery for the clock to operate.

Volume Control: This clock fortunately comes with volume control. You can simply turn the volume down at anytime the clock sounds too loud.

Night Shutoff: Another reason to love this clock is its night shutoff feature. You can simply activate this feature if you’re craving a deep, sound sleep. Note that some users don’t use this feature at all because like we said, the chimes aren’t distracting.

Style & Design: Its tasteful design is the crowning glory of this clock. It’s enclosed in a solid veneer wood case painted with an old world walnut finish. It’s dressed with brass metal bezel and its material underneath is designed not to scratch any surface.

Face: This Bulova mantel clock is beautifully designed with two metal serpentine hands and raised 3D Arabic numerals. The healthy dousing of gold in its face makes it elegant and a strong statement piece. One of the best out of the Bulova mantel clocks in this list.

Final Words: The Bulova Chadbourne clock is undoubtedly an extravagant mantel clock that doesn’t burn too deep in the pocket. It’s designed with a healthy balance of aesthetics and function that will suit a variety of tastes.

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Bulova B1845 Durant Old World Clock

bulova mantel clock list

The Durant is another Bulova mantel clock you will love. It’s highly decorative with its screened glass and revolving pendulum. Plus, it’s a great choice for those who don’t want mantel clocks that chime every 15 minutes.

Size: It’s just the right size at about 11 inches tall and 8 inches wide. It’s also not hard to read the time even if you’re standing a few feet away.

Chime: The Bulova Durant Old World Clock chimes Westminster melody on the hour. Sure, it’s not loaded with melody options. However, this is the perfect choice if you don’t want the clock to go off every 15 minutes.

Movement: It requires 2 AA batteries and 2 C batteries. Note that the chimes require another set of batteries. So if you wish for the clock not to sound off, then you can simply leave the battery compartment empty.

Volume Control: Like other Bulova mantel clocks in 2017, the Durant comes with adjustable volume control. You can make the melody sound as soft as you want. We found that turning the volume three points down is just the right frequency.

Style & Design: This clock is enclosed in a solid wood case and painted with an old world walnut finish. It also comes with an engraving plate you can easily customized if desired. Moreover, it’s finished off with decorative carvings that exude sophistication. It also comes with a removable acrylic black panel.

Pendulum: The pendulum is made of plastic. However, it catches light beautifully and makes it even more attractive.

Face: Its screen glass front gives a breathtaking view of the clock’s face. It’s dressed in gold, black serpentine hands and gold Roman numerals.

Final Words: The Bulova Durant Old World clock is an affordable choice for an attractive mantel clock. It’s thoughtfully designed and can fit different home or office spaces.

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 Bulova B1881 Holyoke Clock

bulova mantel

The Holyoke Clock by Bulova caters to a different taste. It’s not your typical old world mantel clock. In fact, it’s a great addition to modern homes and offices. Don’t be fooled. It may be designed differently compared to other Bulova mantel clocks. However, its fine craftsmanship is nothing short of brilliant.

Size: The clock is at a compact size at 7 inches high and 10 inches wide. Whether you place it by your fireplace or on your desk, you can tell the time from a distance.

Chime: The Holyoke clock by Bulova doesn’t come with chimes. This may be a disadvantage to some. However, those who seek a modern mantel clock simply for aesthetics and time-telling will find this piece worth the buy. It also runs silently in the absence of any ticking sound.

Movement: This clock only requires one AA battery. However, it’s not included upon purchase.

Style & Design: It’s a big leap from other Bulova mantel clocks of 2017. It does have its own charm. It’s enclosed in a hard, solid wood case and is designed with a distinct cherry finish. The mantel clock is also dressed with black decorative accents as well as subtle yet lovely carvings at the top and bottom. What makes this clock special is its simple yet sophisticated design. It will fit any contemporary home or office flawlessly.

Face: Its face is designed with a white dial, black hands as well a black Roman numerals. It’s enclosed in a protective glass.

Final Words: The Bulova Holyoke Clock is a fantastic modern piece to have if you don’t want a chiming mantel clock. It also won’t break the bank and simply serves the basic albeit necessary task of telling time.

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Bulova B1843 Bramley Clock

bulova clock

The Bulova Bramley clock is another mantelpiece that will suit those who want an old world wooden look. Its box-like form makes it a head-turner and goes beyond just telling time.

Size: The clock stands 11 inches high and 12 inches wide. You can still read the time even if you’re standing far away from it. Others may find the form bulky for a mantel clock. However, some have noted its distinct form is what makes it a statement piece.

Chime: The Bramley clock has a Westminster melody that chimes only on the hour. Those who don’t want mantel clocks that chime every 15 minutes, this is a good option to consider. Do take note that the chime of this clock cannot be adjusted or turned off. Other users also found that the chime can be quite loud.

Movement: It only needs one C battery for the clock to work. Keep in mind that there’s no battery included upon purchase.

Style & Design: This piece is an old world-looking clock but can fit in a contemporary home. It’s enclosed in a sold wooden case with the signature Bulova walnut finish. It’s also accentuated with distinct carvings and golden trimmings on its top and bottom. Both these design feature provide an elegant look to the clock.

Face: The face of the Bramley clock is designed with a metal dial, raised golden corner ornaments as well as serpentine hands and black Roman numerals.

Final Words: The Bulova Bramley Clock is a one-of-a-kind out of the Bulova mantel clocks; a stylish mantelpiece that will suit a lot of homes or offices. It’s not the most versatile clock when it comes to chimes and control. However, it makes up for it with its gold-dressed accents and solid wooden case.

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Bulova B1987 Bardwell Clock

bulova bardwell mantel clock

Bulova mantel clocks in 2017 come in a plethora of designs. One that’s loved by many for its extravagant design is the Bulova Bardwell Clock. Moreover, it’s a highly functional mantelpiece that does more than chime.

Size: The Bardwell clock stands at 10 inches high and 9 inches wide. It’s a distinct-looking clock and can easily grab anyone’s attention. You can still the time even if standing from a considerable distance.

Chime: There isn’t any lack of chimes in this clock. In fact, it plays a choice of either Westminster, 4/4 Westminster or Bim-Bam melody that counts the hour. The chimes on this clock don’t sound cheap at all. It’s reminiscent of an antique grandfather’s clock and is far from disruptive.

Volume Control: The Bardwell clock also comes with adjustable volume control. You can simply tweak the frequency at anytime you find it too loud or too soft.

Nightt Shutoff: It comes with a three-position switch that offers either night shutoff, silent or  lowered volume at night.

Style & Design: The Bardwell clock is an incredibly decorative piece out of these Bulova mantel clocks. It’s designed with distinct carvings on the top and bottom as well as on the side panels. From simple carved lines to elegant beaded and ornamental design, this is one mantelpiece guaranteed to turn heads. The screened glass front is also decorated with gold lines as well as brass finish accents. Moreover, it’s enclosed in a quality, solid wood hard case and painted with antique walnut finish. Its clear acrylic black panel is also removable.

Pendulum: The clock’s rotating pendulum is another style addition that makes this clock unique. It’s a mesmerizing sight to behold—one of our favourite Bulova mantel clocks.

Face: The clear glass front makes way to the face accentuated with a gold rim. It features black metal hands as well as black Roman numerals.

Final Words: The Bulova Bardwell Clock is a top choice among old world clock enthusiasts and collectors. It features distinct aesthetic accents and provides adequate chime choices and control. As with all Bulova mantel clocks on this list, far superior to other mantel clocks.

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Bulova B1929 Annette II Clock

bulova annette

Tambour clocks may not be the most popular choice. However, it is an attractive statement piece to have at home or in your office. The Annette II Clock is a tambour mantel clock that’s loved for more than its bent wood case.

Size: The clock stands 7 inches high and 14 inches wide. It spreads beautifully on top of any surface, instantly accentuating it.

Chime: Like other Bulova mantel clocks in the market, this one chimes a Westminster melody on the hour. This is a splendid choice for those who prefer not to have a mantelpiece that goes off every 15 minutes. The hourly chime doesn’t sound cheap either.

Movement: The clock mechanism requires one AA battery to operate while its chime needs two AA batteries.

Volume Control: Unlike other Bulova mantel clocks, this doesn’t come with volume control. The good news is the sound of its chimes isn’t at all disruptive. Plus, it only goes off every hour.

Style & Design: The Annette II Clock boasts an understated yet sophisticated clock. It’s enclosed in a fine, solid wood case and painted with a mahogany finish. It’s also dressed with a polished gold finish bezel. Moreover, the clock is accentuated with subtle yet eye-grabbing carvings at the bottom.

Face: The clear protective lens showcases a metal dial with gold metallic accents, black Roman numerals. It’s finished off with an intricate drawing of tiny leaves on its face.

Final Words: The Bulova Annette II Clock is a simple yet striking mantelpiece you can add to your collection. It looks clean and streamlined. Plus, it also doesn’t hurt your pocket much. For its price and features, it’s worth every penny.

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Bulova B1848 Nordale Clock

bulova nordale

Class and sophistication is what this mantelpiece is best known for. The Bulova Nordale clock is one of the most popular choices because of its lovely design and long-term functionality.

Size: The clock stands at 11 inches high and 8 inches wide. Since it has a smaller face compared to other Bulova mantelpieces, it can be difficult to read the time once you’re standing far away from it. Nevertheless, its size is just right to grab the attention of any guest.

Chime: The Nordale Clock doesn’t chime. This is a splendid choice for those who want a mantelpiece that simply tells the time and doesn’t sound off at any given hour.

Movement: This clock requires 2 AA batteries, one for the pendulum and one for the clock mechanism. Do take note that these batteries are sold separately.

Style & Design: What makes the Nordale clock special is its beautiful style and design. It’s enclosed in a solid, hardwood case and is painted with a walnut finish leaning towards the reddish side. It’s adorned with carvings throughout the body that help elevate its form and look. It comes with a decorative screened glass front that showcases the face and pendulum. Plus, it has two metal legs underneath. If you want your names engraved on it, it comes with a customizable plate displayed at the front.

Face: The two-tone metal dial is another design feature that makes this piece stand out. It’s accentuated with lovely serpentine hands and black Roman numerals.

Pendulum: Another reason to have this clock is its rotating pendulum. It’s classy and takes the clock to a whole new level. That and its face are what make the Nordale clock a talking piece.

Final Words: The Bulova Nordale Clock is an affordable mantelpiece that is designed with elegance. It may not chime but it certainly makes up for it with its flawless look. Plus, this clock lasts for years on end.

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Bulova Asheville Mantel Clock

bulova asheville

Another tambour clock to add to your collection is the Bulova Asheville Mantel Clock. This piece transports you back in time — only now, you can have it at the comfort of your home or office. It doesn’t just tell the time. It also chimes and accentuates any surface beautifully.

Size: The Asheville clock is sized at 14 inches wide and 8 inches high. It’s a distinct mantelpiece that’s easily noticeable from a distance. Thanks to its pronounced face, one can easily read the time even when far away from it.

Chime: What makes the Asheville clock superior to the Annette II is its well-appointed chime feature. It’s equipped with Bulova Harmonic triple-chime movement that plays a choice of Westminster, Ave Maria, or Bim-Bam melody on the hour. It can also sound off every 15 minutes. Plus, the sound isn’t cheap at all. It’s akin to antique clocks that are pleasant to the ears.

Volume Control: Another reason to buy this clock is its volume control. You can make it as loud or as soft as you want to.

Night Shutoff: You don’t end up waking up in the middle of the night thanks to this clock’s night shutoff. You can easily activate it and you’re off to a good night’s sleep.

Style & Design: This tambour mantelpiece is an attractive addition to your home. It’s designed with a hardwood case and painted with a brown cherry finish. What is distinct about this clock is its carvings that are similar to antique tambour clocks built in the 30’s. Its style may be nostalgic but can fit plenty of contemporary homes or offices.

Face: The Asheville clock is dressed in an off-white background and designed with black serpentine metal hands and black Arabic numerals.

Final Words: The Bulova Asheville Clock is a gorgeous tambour mantelpiece that’s stacked with design and function features. It may be expensive but you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

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Bulova Dalton Chiming Pendulum Table Clock

bulova mantel clocks

The Dalton mantelpiece is another choice for those who want a distinct clock. It’s not your typical walnut clock with a dark, reddish finish. It’s on the lighter side, which can appeal to a lot of home or office designs.

Size: The clock stands at just 10 inches high and 6 inches wide. It’s a petite table clock but its looks are enough to turn heads and make it a talking piece. Plus, you can still read the time from a distance thanks to its clear face design.

Chime: The Dalton chimes a standard Westminster melody on the hour. It doesn’t have chime options unlike other Bulova clocks. However, its sound is clear, crisp and reminiscent of olden clocks. In fact, it emits a rich sound for a clock its size.

Movement: All this clock needs is one piece of AA battery to make it work.

Volume Control: The volume control on this clock can’t be adjusted compared to others. The good news is the melody it sounds off is pleasant to the ears. It’s also worth mentioning that this clock doesn’t have a night shutoff feature.

Style & Design: Its distinct look is what makes the Dalton chiming clock stand out. It boasts of a lighter walnut finish. It is carved with accentuated panels and designed with a polished gold-tone bezel. If you wish to have something engraved on it, the metal panel in front can be customized.

Pendulum: Another outstanding feature of this clock is its spun-gold pendulum. It’s eye-catching and is just the perfect addition to an elegant table clock.

Face: The gold-lined face features an off-white background, black metal hands and black Roman numerals.

Final Words: The Bulova Dalton Table Clock embodies affordable elegance. It possesses an outstanding finish and come with extra features like chimes and a bold pendulum to boot.


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Bulova Willow Mantel Chime Clock

bulova willow

The Willow clock is another Bulova clock that stands out from the crowd. It’s bravely designed with a black wooden finish and ornamental accents. It makes for a striking talking piece for your guests.

Size: This mantelpiece stands tall at 14 inches high and six inches wide. It’s easy to read the time even from afar thanks to its sleek and solid look.

Chime: The Willow clock chimes a Westminster melody on the hour. It may not chime every 15 minutes. However, it chimes the number of minutes so you know exactly what hour it is. Don’t be fooled by the size of this clock. The sound it emits is rich and bold enough to think it’s a sizable antique clock.

Movement: It requires 3 AA batteries to make this clock work. Just keep in mind that the batteries are sold separately.

Volume Control: Another reason to invest in this clock is it comes with a volume control for your convenience.

Night Shutoff: The night shutoff feature lets users have a deep sleep without the disturbance of its chimes.

Style & Design: Its design is one of the most outstanding Boluva mantel clocks ever made. It’s enclosed in a dark wood case and pared with delicate, gold carvings. It looks like an ornamental clock made famous by the olden Chinese folks back in the day. It even comes with a tiny drawer underneath.

Face: Its white face is brimmed with a golden accent, making it look like a thousand bucks. It also features metal black serpentine hands and black Roman numerals.

Final Words: Sure, the Bulova Willow Mantel Clock isn’t the cheapest. However, it’s definitely worth the buy thanks to its flawless design and functionality. It’s clearly a bold statement piece you can brag about in your space.


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