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Glass Mantel Clocks: Top 10 Unique Clocks You’ll Love

Glass mantel clocks might not be everyone’s choice, but they’re definitely a good choice. Some of you might prefer the old-fashioned grandfather clock or even the wall clock altogether. However, mantel clocks could be perfect choices for people who want to have the best of both worlds. The designs encompass both classics, as well as with some modern touches. It really is easy to place these clocks in any room you want. Many people think that because the name is “mantel clock” then you have to put it on top of your fireplace or in your living room. Well, that’s the general idea, but you are free to have it anywhere: in your office, living room, even in your bedroom. Some of these models have that versatility as their plus point.

SPOILER ALERT: This one is my favourite one, if you don’t want to read the whole article.

DISCLAIMER: We’ve done our research but we encourage you to do your own due diligence and don’t just take our word for it.

Here are our top ten modern glass mantel clocks that you might want to consider. Antonella, Brian and I have compiled some of the glass best mantel clocks based on the look, durability, and value. Settling with one that won’t ever suit you is a real hard thing to deal with. And when it comes to gift giving, you sure have high hopes for yourself to choose the best gift of all. Without further ado, check out the ten contemporary glass mantel clocks that will inspire you to order one for a gift, perhaps you’ll get one for yourself as well.

London Clock Black and Chrome Mantel Clock

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london clock company glass mantel clock

This clock might be your penultimate for a good mantle clock. It’s large, heavy, and looks very elegant in any room it’s in. The clock is encased in a four post glass box with wooden frame. It also has a rotating pendulum which rotates slowly. Unlike most products that boast white or cream background for the dial with dark colored numerals, this clock has it in reverse. You will get a black dial with silver numerals, emphasizing the time and beauty.

Due to its bulky size, 21cm (8 in) tallness and over 2-kilogram (4.5 lbs) weight, you have a limited option on where to put this mantle clock. However, this clock sure is worth every penny and space. It looks perfect on top of your fireplace, staring back at you or greeting your guests. They sure will be awed and enchanted by the beauty of its simplicity and elegance. The time marker is only a single silver line instead of regular roman numerals, giving this clock a modern edge. This one is a little bit more high-end than the other ones. Check the price.





Acctim Adelaide Mantel Clock

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acctim adelaide glass mantel clock

If you’re looking for maximum simplicity in design, then this might be the one for you. It’s also quite compact with height less than 20cm or barely 8 inches. The clock design can suit both modern and classic décor. You don’t have to worry about where to place it either. The glass case will suit whether you place it on a desk, a floating cabinet or a fireplace.

This clock is very quiet. The arched top makes the actual clock look bigger than its actual size. And you are also guaranteed to be able to watch the luminous dials in the dark. For the roman numerals are clear and the bezel would shine through. One of the cheapest clocks in this list too.







London Clock Silver Flat Mantel Clock

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silver glass mantel clock

Another one from London Clock, this one is less bulky than the other. Weighing less than a kilogram, this clock is also quite small. It’s only 15cm tall, including the glass plaque. This clock is perfect for a gift since you can have the metal plaque engraved. So it’s great if you’re looking for a new house gift or even a wedding gift. The design is more to the modern style, but it’s still going to suit a more rustic setting if you’d like. The plaque is removable, so don’t worry in case there’s a mistake, or you lose your old one.

The roman numerals are clear and easy to read from afar. The dials might not be luminous, but still readable and won’t glare.




Acctim Thornton Mantel Silver Clock

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acctim glass mantel clock

If you’re aiming for a much more modern look, then this is the clock for you. It’s a clear glass plate with a round clock face placed at the center. The top and bottom are silver plated metal, creating a pillar-like look. The clock has chrome-like bezel which create an elegant floating effect. It is perfect for any surface in your home. Both the dials and hand are black. But with the two-toned background, you won’t have any issue on reading the time from this clock.

This particular clock is also quite lightweight, it weighs less than one kilogram. The style could fit your home, office, and even bedroom. I can say one thing about this one: You surely have chosen the right timepiece when you’ve bought this one. It’s simple, sophisticated, and stylish all in for a good value.







Acctim Colgrove Mantel Clock

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gold glass mantel clock

It’s a given how everyone has their own personal favorite. And when you see Acctim Colgrove Golden Modern Glass Mantel Clock, you will see how easy it became one of the favorites. The design is a powerful classic that combines glass with the gold polished frame. The clock also has a gold polished bezel. From afar, the polished metal would give the illusion of a floating clock in the dark.

The overall size of this clock is right at 16x18cm which put it in the small-medium category. It means the clock will suit smaller rooms better, but won’t be lost or overlooked in bigger ones. The dials are lean Roman numerals in dark fonts, which make it very easy to read. The clear display also gives off a better reflection so to help you read the time. And like many other models from the brand, this mantel clock is very quiet. So, you don’t have to worry about it being quite noisy or be bothered by the ticking noise.



Glass Arch Mantel Clock Finish Silver

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glass arch glass mantel clock

The arch top gives this clock a more modern look. The simplicity of the design might be preferred by young couples or people who want a simple glass mantle clock. With only less than 12cm tall, and the clock itself is only 6cm in diameter, this mantle clock comes in the small category. The glass is supported by the silver plate, creating a really clean modern look.

But despite the size, this mantel clock is completed with an alarm. So it’s more versatile and you can even use it on your nightstand. This clock is great for you who wanted to have a mantel clock without having to worry on where to place it. It’s only a mantel clock in name, while in fact, it’s perfect everywhere. You can have it on your desk, floating cabinet, bookshelves, and even on your kitchen if you’d like.





Hermle Shelf Mantle Clock Quartz Brass World Clock

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hermle world clock glass

If you aim to please and look flashy, this mantle clock is perfect for you. It has a unique design, with the map of the world serves as the clock’s background. It’s also quite large and comes with a no-nonsense style. Essentially, this mantle clock is a large round clock supported by a short brass stand.

But the size might come as staggering for glass mantel clocks. It is 19cm tall and 18cm wide. But apparently, this is the perfect size for the small information you can get. If you pay close attention to the dial, it shows not only the current time for your area but also what time it will be at the other part of the world. So now you can tell the time zone and figure out any time differences from your city to another large city. For example, now you can tell that 8AM in Singapore equals with 1AM in Paris.

At first glance, it might look a tad flashy, but this mantle clock is quite simple in nature. With only a glass cover and brass stand and bezel, you won’t get anything else that is both flashy and classy like this anywhere else.



Acctim Hamilton Mantel Clock, Brass Effect

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acctim hamilton glass mantel clock

Any classic clock lover would love this mantel clock. It has a brass finish that makes it look very much classic and with the right setting, might even make your guests think that it’s been in the family for decades.

The brass and gold color combination as shown by this model promotes an everlasting design. You can always have this mantel clock and won’t have difficulties on deciding where to put it. The clock is framed with the brass polished case, keeping the clock floating in the middle. The dial has a rose-cream and silver combination with a dark metal hand and roman numerals. The clear glass will ensure that you won’t have any difficulties on checking the time. As it’s also quite small, only less than 15cm or barely 6 inches tall, you can have it up high on your top shelf or on eye level for convenience.



Seiko QHN006GLH Mantel Clock

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seiko glass mantel clock

Have you ever pictured having a very elegant looking glass mantel clock in your house? Do you want to have one but are afraid that it will bust your budget? Surprisingly, Seiko has the answer for you. With its long-standing name, Seiko ensures the quality for this mantel clock.

The QHN006GLH comes off as the most different one compared to the other clocks in this list. First of all, it looks like a snow globe from afar. The arch top gives the impression of a clock being trapped in a globe. It also has a rotating pendulum, something that will certainly peak your interest.

Despite the pendulum, this clock doesn’t make any loud noise like a grandfather clock. However, the clock stand rises as one of the concerns. The stand is made from plastic, which though has no effect on the overall look, but it disappoints some owners. It also needs batteries: one for the clock and one for the pendulum, so you can turn off the pendulum permanently if you truly want.






Acctim Hamilton Mantel Clock, Silver Effect

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acctim hamilton sglass mantel clock

What does it differ from its brass counterpart? Well, technically speaking, they only differ in finishing style. But overall, they have different effects and impressions to the general public. This silver style has a more modern look. It looks sleek and very much sophisticated.

There’s not much difference than the brass one. They are identical in sizes, but the dial combines dark gray with white. Therefore, this mantle clock looks much more modern than its brass counterpart.

In case you are confused or unsure about which one to choose because you like both styles, you just need to pay attention to your personal situation. If your room looks more rustic or has more old touches, then having the brass one may be better. But, if it leans to the eclectic modern side, then this silver clock won’t disappoint you.


Choosing between classic and modern-looking glass mantel clocks has always been the question. Do you want something that’s more sophisticated or something simpler and proving that it’s called a classic for a reason? Anyhow, never forget that the idea is to treat yourself to a clock for your own use, or give a present to someone, which means that you have to know exactly what choices you need to make. We’re pretty sure that our selections of mantel clocks won’t disappoint you. There are various models you can explore that will suit each different style, regardless of what your abode looks like. You don’t have to spend so much time visiting clock stores, finding the right mantel clock. A glass mantel clock from our list can also be a perfect gift for yourself in case you want to celebrate those special memorable occasions. Who knows, maybe the clock of your choice will be a family heirloom one day. It will have more to tell than just the time. Glass mantel clocks are definitely modern versions of what is generally regarded as an antique item.

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