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6 of the Best Pendulum Wall Clocks in 2017

We’ve selected some of the top pendulum wall clocks, which play an important role in home décor. No home would look complete without a wall clock. Naturally, you can choose whichever design, theme, or type that meets your requirements. Pendulum wall clocks have always been loved across the board. If you think that all pendulum wall clocks are old-school and antique, you may want to think again. Although this list of best clocks will include antique wall clocks, most are contemporary wall clocks. Today’s pendulum wall clocks can come in various styles and looks. Some clocks may still retain the antique and old-school look but it is also possible to add a mix of modernity into the design. You will be surprised to see that some of the pendulum wall clocks on this list have modern and contemporary finishes. If you want a contemporary pendulum wall clock, this is the right place to be. In short, be sure that this type of wall clock will be able to add a unique ambiance and spark into your personal living space. After all, these are some promising products that you can consider putting in your wish-list.

Here are the top 6 pendulum wall clocks

Maxam: Wood Frame Kassel Quartz Pendulum Wall Clock (HHWC46)

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maxam wooden pendulum wall clock

There are a lot of things to like about this wall clock. First of all, you will be appealed by the classic design of the clock. It has an elegant dark mahogany finish with a varnish coating, making it glossy and antique at the same time. The wood is pretty solid – you can tell from the sturdy design and construction. It plays a melody and the price is pretty affordable – you won’t empty your wallets for this one. If you have a classy or country-style home décor, this wall clock will match perfectly.

This clock is a signature wall clock with pendulum. The pendulum looks brassy and thin. You can expect a chime sound every hour – for me, it is something I would expect when I was a kid so this part alone is fun. The pendulum swings effortlessly and smoothly without creating any ticking sound. When compared to the mechanical chime, however, the sound isn’t THAT great but it is decent enough. Don’t expect any 15-minute chime or 30-minute chime because this clock doesn’t have it. If you expect a silent night or you don’t want your sleep disturbed by the sound, you can silence it between midnight and 6 AM. It means that the last chime would be 11 PM; 6 AM would be the first chime of the day.

A lot of purchasers claim that having the clock is worth their money. Not to mention that the clock has two different battery compartments – one for the clock and one for the chime. In case you don’t want the chime, simply remove the battery from the compartment and you have a quiet day. Will the clock STILL be able to improve the interior look of your home? You bet it will!







Bulova: Deco Avent Pendulum Wall Clock (C3383)
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bulova wooden pendulum wall clock

Despite the antique design, this wall clock has a touch of modernity. The white face somehow looks sophisticated when paired up with the two-tone wooden case with mahogany and a walnut finish. The dimension is pretty big – well, not HUGE but it is big enough – with 23.5 inches height x 3 inches long x 8.8 inches wide. If you want a unique pendulum look but without a chime and any trace of a tick-tock sound, this one is probably the best option for you. This wall clock doesn’t chime and it is certainly not noisy.

The pendulum gives out the classic look that all wall clocks are expected to have. In case the pendulum needs adjusting, you can always find the adjustment nut where you can turn and adjust it, so it will swing properly. The wooden panel is very attractive and generally good-looking.  It looks natural and yet there is a modern vibe about it – making it perfect for your house, the cabin, or even for the office. Setting up is very easy and a no-brainer. The packaging is very nice and tight – it prevents damages or dents during handling and delivery.

On the downside, the pendulum may look a bit cheap, but it is hard to tell, because it mostly will be hanging on the wall. Another thing to like about this contemporary pendulum wall clock is the quiet performance. However, those who expect the chiming sound of a classic wooden pendulum clock will not get feature; this clock is as silent as it gets. Overall, the clock is truly amazing-looking, has great modern features, and is worth the spending. When it is paired with a wooden background and wooden blinds, you can expect a superb interior design. This is a no-brainer contemporary pendulum wall clock.






Kassel: Quartz Youngstep Step Movement Pendulum Wall Clock (HHWC83)
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pendulum wall clock

If you are looking for an antique pendulum wall clock with a touch of hype and sophistication, this one is the perfect option for you. It retains the classic look of the pendulum wall clock. The design is clean and perfect; it has a very clear wooden panel with elegant lines and curves. It looks perfect for all kinds of interior layouts and themes. Whether you have a wooden cabin, a contemporary modern room, or a classic country style ranch, this wall clock will make everything complete.

This wall clock has gold tone finishing with a glass front and crafted wooden frame. It has its own melody and chime, perfect for old-school pendulum wall clock lovers who expect to get the same antique piece without hurting the bank. Yes, despite the classic and unique design, this piece is pretty affordable. You can really improve the ambiance and atmosphere of your interior without having to spend a fortune.

If you like listening to the ticking sound, this one may not be the perfect option for you as it doesn’t produce such sound. But… if you like listening to the chiming noise, you can always wait for the hour to come. This is definitely one of the best chiming wall clocks.What if you expect a noiseless operation or you don’t really like the noisy chiming sound? You can always set it off because there is an adjustment feature, so the chime won’t make any sound between 10 PM and 5 AM. If you think that it is too early, you can simply remove the battery from the chamber. Don’t worry, the battery chamber for the chime is different from the timekeeping part so removing it won’t affect the mechanical operation.

All in all, most users love this piece because it delivers the classic atmosphere that they want. But… be sure that you read all the manuals properly and thoroughly so you won’t be making mistakes when setting it up.



Timekeeper: Walnut Pendulum Faux Wood Wall Clock
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If you are looking for an antique look with a hint of modern style and inexpensive spending, you are looking at the right stuff.  There are a lot of things to like about this clock. For a starter, it has the right dimension with 11.25 inches x 17.5 inches – perfect for any wall. Anyone coming to your house can see it clearly without making it look cheesy or cheap.

As it was mentioned before, this clock has a touch of modernity in its classic antique frame. It has a traditional and classic schoolhouse appearance with an electronic chime. It activates on an hourly basis but the chime can be disabled if you really want to. It needs a regular AA battery for operation; the battery won’t be included in the package. You should know that it doesn’t produce a sound of an hourly chime, but a melody instead. If you expect a true pendulum wall clock, you may not like this modern item.

However, most users like the simple design and easy operation. The clock has two different battery chambers: for the mechanical operation, and the chime. In case you want a quiet operation, simply remove the battery for the chime—it won’t affect the timekeeping part of the clock. A lot of buyers like the appearance of the clock. It is very easy on the eyes and it is definitely pleasurable to look at. Sure, there is some plastic material, such as the lens and the clock face, but considering that you are going to place the clock on the wall – most likely high up there – no one can really see the materials from up-close. It is truly a magnificent piece of work, perfect for your home or office. What’s better is that it won’t cost a ton. Check the price for yourself.



Seiko: Schoolhouse Pendulum Wall Clock
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If you want something elegant to place on a wall for décor, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Simply choose this special wall clock with pendulum design. It is a guarantee that you will be able to improve the look of your interior décor while retaining the classic and antique atmosphere. Not to mention that the solid dark brown oak case and the panel will only increase the natural beauty of the clock. It is affordable. It is beautiful. It is exclusive and elegant. No, you won’t miss out anything. There is no catch.

There are a lot of things to like about this clock. Besides the schoolhouse design, it also comes with curved glass crystal for improved elegance. It also has a unique pendulum style and Westminster chime that will add sparks to your home.  The clock is pretty accurate and it feels solid too. You are given the flexibility to adjust the chime. If you want it on 24/7, you can arrange that. But when you want to turn it off, you can do it too without fuss. Easily able to be turned off. The chime sound is also deep, nice, and somewhat mellow. You will like listening to it. The clock itself looks very solid and clean. When you hang it on the wall, it looks very elegant and unique. For its price, this is definitely the best chiming wall clock you can find online.

A lot of users who have bought this wall clock claim that they have a very nice experience with the clock. Some of them have even decided to give it as a present for the people they love. Winding the clock is also easy and sometimes the clock figures everything on its own. This is one of the most high-end pendulum clocks you can get. If you want a wall clock with a pendulum right now, this is definitely our favourite pick, but it’s going to cost you.



Le’raze: Modern Hand Painted Grandfather Pendulum Wall Clock
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hand painted grandfather pendulum wall clock

Do you want to make an interior statement? This is the right item to do so. This wall clock from Le’raze has all the elegant and antique wall clock elements. It is beautifully hand painted with a vintage result. This wall is definitely perfect for classic or country home décor. The surface appearance may be old and vintage but the machine running the show is modern and sophisticated.

It is true that this clock has a plastic top and bottom but it doesn’t diminish the look and the overall finish. Most users claim that they are pretty hesitant about ordering the clock – mostly because of the plastic material. But when they take the clock out of the box and see it for the first time, they simply fall in love with the clock. It looks like the real deal and everything looks like the true metal frame and case.  Not to mention that the clock is pretty big, making it a feast to the eye when set up as the ultimate interior accessory.

It has rhinestone inlays, hand details, gold colored second hand, a textured faceplate, and also traditional hands for the hour and minute. The quartz delivers a precision, running on an AA battery whose chamber is located on the back of the clock. You will like the carved pendulum and love the overall look. If you value quality without hurting your wallet, you will want to have this piece in your house. Simplicity and elegance have never looked this good. Want a wall clock with pendulum, this is the one for you.

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